Information for Panel Chairs & Authors

Panel essays

Each of the six panels will produce an essay that addresses three framing questions (though not necessarily explicitly):

  1. What are some of the most important alignment accomplishments that you’ve experienced/participated in/seen in the field to date?
  2. What are some of the most important alignment challenges and gaps that you see currently?
  3. Where should we aim to be in five years? How will we know when we’ve reached “success?”

The Panel Chairs will coordinate the completion and review steps for each panel essay.

The draft, due April 29 will provide the frame for the discussion, the second draft due June 10 will incorporate the discussions from the final version and will reflect the conference discussions, and align the six essays to the extent possible/necessary.

Individual papers

Panelists and designated others (invited by the Organizing Committee) will be eligible to submit an individual paper for peer review. Panel chairs should consider inviting individual papers, though the volume will be explicitly tied to this event so individual papers should only be from participants if not panelists.

  • Individual papers should address one of the six alignment areas;
  • The content of individual papers should not have been previously published; and
  • The timeframe for individual papers will parallel the milestones for panel essays

Based on the number of individual papers received and the results of the peer review process, the papers will either be organized with their corresponding section or included in a separate section for individual papers to be determined in consultation with panel chairs.

Volume Milestones

  1. Pre-Conference Draft Submissions - (Friday, April 29th, 2011)
  2. Post-Conference Updates - (Wednesday, August 31th, 2011)
  3. Reviewer Feedback - (TBD)
  4. Author Semi-Final Drafts - (TBD)
  5. Copy Editor Feedback to Authors - (TBD)
  6. Final Author Submissions - (TBD)

Author guidelines

  1. We will follow the IJDC’s use of APA bibliographic and formatting standards. See here for Author Guidelines.
  2. An abstract of 150-200 words is required for both – we will use the panel essay abstracts for describing the volume and include the individual paper abstracts with the papers in the volume.
  3. A list of resources is required for panel essays and for individual papers.
  4. Length:
  • Panel essays - April 29 drafts in the 10-15 page range, final drafts in the 20-25 page range
  • Individual papers – April 29 and final drafts in the 10-15 page range