Authored by Christina Drummond, Tom Clareson, Laurie Gemmill Arp, and Katherine Skinner, a new publication aims to introduce guiding principles and practices for CE/PD needs assessments from beyond the Library, Archives, and Museum (LAM) spheres of reference. A literature review section highlights needs assessment research from other fields (e.g., higher education, nonprofit training, etc.), drawing attention to models that could inform LAM practice.

Registration is now open for the BitCurator User Forum, hosted by the BitCurator Consortium (BCC). The event will highlight the practical, real-world experience of digital archivists and digital curation experts, and foster discussion of current challenges, emerging BitCurator integrations and workflows, and the “now what” of handling your digital forensics outputs.

Authored by the Mapping the Landscapes project team (38 archives, library, and museums partner and supporting organizations collaborating on the IMLS-funded project), this publication adds to past LAM-wide collaboration studies by documenting both real and perceived boundaries that silently impact our ability to collaborate across the wide variety of

On Friday, January 15, 2016 the second BitCurator Users Forum, hosted by the BitCurator Consortium, will follow on the heels of Curate Gear 2016. Both events will take place in Chapel Hill, NC. See the full BitCurator announcement and stay tuned to the BitCurator Consortium's website for more information.

What happens to yesterday's "digital-first" news articles, videos, and social media content? Where do those news files go after they are published—and will they still exist in a year? Five years? 100?

In other words—is your legacy stable or is it at risk of loss?

We can't answer that question without your help.

The MetaArchive Cooperative is pleased to make available a new cost resource to assist institutions with their comparative analyses of various digital preservation solutions, both community-based solutions (e.g., MetaArchive) as well as vendor-based solutions.

Getting to the Bottom Line: 20 Cost Questions for Digital Preservation

The BitCurator Consortium (BCC) is pleased to announce the inaugural BitCurator Users Forum will be held at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill on January 9, 2015. The hands-on event will focus on current use and future development of the BitCurator digital software environment. The Forum will wrestle with common challenges through four panel discussions:

The Educopia Institute is pleased to announce the launch of the BitCurator Consortium (BCC), a new independent, community-led membership association to support the curation of born- digital materials by libraries, archives, and museums. Members of the BitCurator user community have founded BCC to enhance, promote, and explore this growing area of professional activity.

The Educopia Institute is pleased to announce it has been awarded a two-year National Leadership Grant by the IMLS to study the preservation of supplemental data for ETDs.

Educopia is pleased to announce it has been awarded a three-year Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program grant by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) to establish a Nexus Leadership Lab to enhance leadership education available to cultural organizations.