Nexus LAB: Layers of Leadership Across Libraries, Archives, and Museums - September 2016 Draft

Libraries, archives, and museums contribute to their shared communities by providing access to information, preserving cultural heritages, creating new knowledge, and facilitating lifelong learning. Networked together, these fields are combining their disciplinary strengths and perspectives to collaboratively develop, support and inspire the leaders whom are actively improving institutions and communities.

The Layers of Leadership design frameworks were developed through a collaboration between the renowned Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) and select trainers and administrators representing America’s leading leadership development programs serving cultural, historical, and memory-focused institutions. Supported in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services, these frameworks are now available as drafts for community review. The Layers of Leadership reflect leadership roles with affiliated skills, tasks, and outcomes across six professional/career level stages (i.e. layers.) These frameworks were developed collaboratively by libraries, archives, and museums representatives and reflect leadership skills, tasks, and outcomes shared by these fields. As a result of CCL's involvement in their development, the frameworks also draw heavily upon CCL's thoroughly researched 360 by Design Competency Library.

This DRAFT version from September 2016 was updated and the formal publication, issued October 25, 2017, is now available at:


This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.