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November 2017

About the Evaluation Framework & Instrument

The Nexus LAB team, in partnership with TrueBearing Consulting, Educopia Institute, and the Center for Creative Leadership, issued this fully validated, adaptable, and customizable evaluation instrument in 2017. The evaluation instrument is based on rigorously validated leadership competencies documented in the “Layers of Leadership” publication produced by the Nexus LAB team under the guidance of the Educopia Institute and the Center for Creative Leadership.

October 2017

The “Layers of Leadership,” developed in partnership by Educopia Institute, the Center for Creative Leadership, and more than 35 museum, library, and archives associations and representatives, provides a common lens for understanding high-demand leadership training skills and competencies in these fields. The "Layers of Leadership" documents the key challenge, key leadership tasks, skills necessary to address those tasks, and outcomes sought within seven "layers" of leadership, from "Leading Self" to "Leading the Organization" to "Leading the Profession."

October 2017

Access Points:
Nexus LAB Curriculum (the Google Drive-based Open Curriculum package)

July 2017

In phase 1 of the Nexus LAB (Leading Across Boundaries) project, the Nexus LAB Layers of Leadership design framework was developed. This model is arranged in terms of six Layers relating to a progression of roles. Each Layer addresses the leadership knowledge, skills and abilities required for success in the Layer’s roles as well as broader outcomes and shared skills across Layers. In addition, the model identifies a Key Role and a Challenge associated with each Layer.

April 2017

Katherine Skinner, David Horth, and Christina Drummond. "Leading Across Boundaries: Bridging Professions for System-wide Change." Vantage Point April 2017.

April 2014

Training the 21st Century Library Leader provides an analysis of library leadership training in the U.S. context. It documents the models and features, geographic locations, sectors and audiences, funding and costs, founders and hosts, and evaluation methodologies deployed by more than seventy library leadership training programs during the last 15 years.