Developing A Curriculum to Advance Library-Based Publishing

December 2016

The Educopia Institute and the Library Publishing Coalition (LPC), in partnership with the Public Knowledge Project (PKP), NASIG, and BlueSky to BluePrint, are engaged in a two-year
IMLS-LB21 research grant to design and implement a competency-based curriculum for library publishing.

This project will develop a suite of synchronous and asynchronous professional development offerings for librarians that will be open and free for anyone to offer or adapt. We will pilot the library publishing modules. The resulting dynamic, extensible, multimedia curriculum will empower librarians to meet local demands to launch and/or enhance scholarly publishing activities. The project is poised to have an impact on the quality and quantity of library publishing services offered to scholars and students; ultimately it will result in a healthier, more equitable publishing ecosystem.

Project Directors:
Melanie Schlosser (Library Publishing Coalition)
Katherine Skinner (Educopia Institute)

Advisory Board:
Carol Ann Borchert (University of South Florida, NASIG)
Marilyn Billings (UMass Amherst)
Jon Cawthorne (West Virginia University)
Brad Eden (Valparaiso University)
Isaac Gilman (Pacific University)
October Ivins (Ivins eContent Solutions, SSP)
Sarah Lippincott (Independent Scholarly Communications and Digital Scholarship Consultant)
Nancy Maron (BlueSky to BluePrint)
Holly Mercer (University of Tennessee)
Kate Pitcher (St. Mary’s College of Maryland)
Kevin Stranack (Public Knowledge Project, Simon Fraser University)
Charles Watkinson (University of Michigan)


This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.