Katherine Skinner

Executive Director

Dr. Katherine Skinner is the Executive Director of the Educopia Institute, a not-for-profit educational organization that builds networks and collaborative communities to help cultural, scientific, and scholarly institutions achieve greater impact. She is the founding program director for the MetaArchive Cooperative, a community-owned and community-governed digital preservation network founded in 2004 that now has more than 50 member institutions in four countries. She has also played a founding role in the Library Publishing Coalition, a membership organization that now supports library publishing and scholarly communications activities across more than 50 academic libraries; and the BitCurator Consortium, a community-led membership association that supports digital forensics practices in libraries, archives, and museums, and that provides administrative, user, and community support for the BitCurator environment and open-source tools.

Skinner received her Ph.D. from Emory University. She has co-edited three books and has authored and co-authored numerous reports and articles. She is currently Principal Investigator for research projects on continuing education (Nexus, Mapping the Landscapes), digital preservation (ETD plus, Chronicles in Preservation), and scholarly communication (Chrysalis). She regularly teaches graduate courses and workshops in digital librarianship and preservation topics, and provides consultation services to groups that are planning or implementing digital scholarship and digital preservation programs.

Journal Articles

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